Monday, April 19, 2010

So it goes another lonely day.. You're saving time but you're miles away..

Well, there are a few things that would make it even more perfect, but we can't have everything.. *sigh*

People get confused when I tell them that this isn't my home.
This is just where I live. Just a house.
This is not my home..

Drove past a sign today that said Cairns 1692kms..
Plus add another 100 to get to T'lands.
This upsets me terribly.. :(

I miss you so much.. :(
Screw hugs, when I see you, i'm going to tackle you. ♥
And not let go. Ever.


First shift at work tonight.
It was okay, the staff seem friendly enough.
It's heaps different though. And just for the record, Maccas > Hungry jacks anyday. Lol
Never eating a burger from here I swear lol.. Hj's is ewwie.. >.<
Everybody kept asking what grade I was in though.. -.-

I really really really wanna play my SNES but I can't get the silly tv to register it. >=\


Caitlin Connery

Here kitty kitty!
This is so effing adorable. ^.^