Saturday, February 27, 2010

Confused and all alone..

... Why does it feel as though you're ignoring me?
I'm so confused over everything and it's so hard not being there..
I just wish I knew what to do.. I feel so silly =\
Is it so hard to even call me?


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Get up outta the dirt!

I have a week off work :)

I found out how much money it would cost to get a removalist truck from here to Brisbane and it's alot.. =s
So I guess I won't be taking my furniture. lol
I just can't afford it.
But anyway.. :)

I am super keen to get my next tatt.
I just hope I love my others as much as I love my first one :)
I'm also considering getting my nose peirced..

I'm buying a new phone today. :) yayyyy!
You're probably wondering "how can she be buying all these things when she bitches all the time that she never has any money?!"
Haha well! I recently got a big payout from work, that's how! :)
But don't worry, I've already paid 2 weeks rent and the rest is going towards Brisbane.
I seriously can't wait til I move there :)
I'll miss Roey though.. :(
Living my sister has been okay, but I just can't keep doing it. She drives me crazy! Lol.

I've got to do some shopping. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Home is where the heart is.. So shouldn't I be back in Brisbane?

I've just gotten home after spending a few days in Brisbane with Adon for Soundwave.
Although it did just feel like I was there just to see him. Which I pretty much was. Haha.
But it was really awesome.
It was my first time going to Brisbane and my first time on a plane..
That was a little scary, but it wasn't Brisbaneas bad as I thought it would be.. Well coming home was heaps more scary as we flew through a storm just before landing in Cairns and we got a heap of turbulance with no warning and the lightning was scary.
But! I survived. :)

Brisbane was everything I thought it would be.
I arrived Thrusday afternoon and my friend and her boyfriend picked me up from the airport which I am so thankfull for as it saved me a hell of a lot of confusion from the buses and trains. Lol!
And took me to a shopping centre where I was meeting my other friend :)
After meeting up with her we headed back to Uni.

And I met up with Adon :)
It was so nice seeing him. It felt like it had been ages since i'd seen him last..
We went grocery shopping then went back to his Uni flat where I was going to meet his Flatmates which I was super nervous about!
I hope I made a nice impression.
haha they were all nice though.
He cooked me dinner and had a nice quiet night. :)

Then Friday night we went to club 299 for the soundwave pre party Haha
We had a few drinks and had a really good night. We didn't end up getting home til like 3.30 or thereabouts. hehe

Then had to get up early to catch the bus into the city for Soundwave.
It was so packed. Lol We hadn't eaten or had anything to drink all morning and I was runing on hardly any sleep so as we were standing in line for the merch. I passed out. Haha
It was from the heat and not drinking anything. Haha I don't remember it happening though. I gave Adon a bit of a scare though. Hehe

We saw Taking back sunday, Alexisonfire, Paramore, Placebo, A little bit of AFI, Anti-Flag, The start of Enter Shikari and the end of A Day To Remember. We spent the rest of the day in lines and drinking water. lol
We were so tired by then end of the festival that we didn't think we were going to go to the afterparty even though we had tickets. But we did for an hour then we mished it home. :)

I think my favorite thing was walking from The Valley to South Bank with Adon :) The city was so pretty at night. :)

Got into Cairns last night at midnight and stayed with Roey and Karl and Heath :)
Then went to Crystal Cascades with Roey and Heath and some of heaths friends today, it was fun even though it was raining. lol

So now I am back home.
Keen to save my money so I can get down there as soon as possible. :)
I miss Adon like crazy already.. :(
I hate not knowing when i'll see him next..

Oh well. :)
I'm pretty keen for bed. Night!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love is in the air.. I hope..

I feel silly..

It's Valentine's day tomorrow.
Even though I believe the day to be a stupid huge media filled event to make us consumers spend money we don't have to show our love to our significant parnter.
Why have a day for tha? You should do that anyway..
And it just makes all the single people feel even more lonely..

I have new hair. It's red, but a dark almost purple colour. But it's really bright in the light. And I like it.
I've had a sniffly cold but it's not too bad. Just feel tired and can't breathe and can't stop sneezing, like oh my goodness.. lol I think it's going away though, I hope. lol.

So i'm sorta feeling incredibly lonely right about now..
And it's weird. I got so used to being together. Having him just down the road when he wasn't with me or at work..
Just talking to him would be nice. And I can't even do that..
I must stop checking my phone every 5 seconds..
So yeah..

Happy Valentine's Day.
I love you. And miss you so much.. <3

Friday, February 12, 2010

I miss you.. :(

How's my luck
But somehow I'm with you
Let's leave now
Let's leave them,
their point of view
My favourite place is me and you

I wake up in the darkest night
Watch you breathe in shadow light
A perfect world lies next to me
And I don't need to sleep to dream

I just hope I am good enough to keep you..

Morning sun warms our skin
And distant sounds
The day begins
Soon their world will come calling for us
But this is the space they cannot touch

I just hope I am good enough to keep you..


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I focus on the negative things too often.
When there is so much beauty out there and others are so much better off than i am..
Just makes me wonder..
It's a bit silly when i get upset over the little things like i do..
I'm trying to change as clich├ęd as that is..

I suppose, maybe i'm not trying hard enough..?