Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm sorry..

This is probably pretty close to how you must be feeling..

I'm just sorry i can't do it myself..

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Inspiration.. Where art thou?

Evening lovelys..

I'm so glad Chritmas is over. Wasn't all that great to be honest.
Spent the week alone. =|

I'm been feeling quite uninspired lately..
It's putting me in a horrid mood..

I spent 98% of today lying in bed. I couldn't even muster up the energy to pick up my guitar..

I spent the majority of the day thinking about my next tatts.
I'm heaps keen to get my sleeve done..
But i've got a few others to do before i get started on that.
My next one i'll be getting as soon as possible. =D

I spent the rest of the day pondering over whether to let my hair grow out or not..
I'm letting it get longer as well.
But i kind of miss it looking like this..

Photo by Torpore on Flicke

I think my sister's cat has run away.. =|
We spent the afternoon walking around the neighbourhood calling out it's name.. Hope she comes home soon..

I can't wait to leave this town. Start all over again in a new city.
With new people.
And the boy i love.
It's going to be hard. But It'll be worth it.

I hope..


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not quite dead yet.

Don't freak just yet.
I'm still alive. I just haven't posted in awhile..

I'm freaking out that it's Christmas on Friday and i haven't bought anything yet. Eep!
Gahh I didn't get enough time. haha

I love Christmas time.
I love seeing houses covered in pretty lights and decorations.

I won't be doing anything for Christmas this year..
But i don't mind. House to myself for a few days. haha

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hello life =)

Sup bitches?

I got my Tattoo!


I Absolutely love it!

I got it done today with Adon. =) He got three black and red nautical stars across his arms and it pretty much looks amazing. =) Not quite amazing as mine.. But still pretty rad. Hehe. <3

Parkway Drive concert last night was pretty fucking insane. xD I've got bruises everywhere! lol and a big bump on my head and my body just hurts all over. =( But it was still fun, we were soaking wet. Totally gross. Haha

Bitch time...

I'm sorry if my jealousy makes you angry.. I just find it so difficult to believe you sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I DO believe you.. It's just.. Some of the things you say to her.. I don't even know.. =( It feels like i'm in a competition or something.. That dream really really freaked me out last night hey.. I honestly just wanted to bawl my eyes out, I would have if you weren't there.. But you were and you just held me.

But, uhm, I'm sorry okay? And, I love you.


Okay, i'm going to go finish packing the last of my stuff. Move tomorrow. =)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Packing and Gossip Girl =D


Birthday was nice. =)

Present list included lots of sexy underwear, yummy alcohol, tea cups and a subsricption to Frankie!

I didn't get drunk, i only had like, 5 drinks. Haha

We went to the Casino and i won lots of monies on the pokies and everyone was jealous. Hehe

Then we went to a couple clubs then i got tired and my feet were hurting so we went home.

Where The Wild Things Are was a good movie, weird but good. =)

My friends were having breafast in the city at some insane hour in the morning the next day. But Adon and I were like, let's not. Haha so we stayed in bed and snuggled instead. =)

Then Adon, Roey, Heath and I went and saw Zombieland and that was rad. Haha Brainnsssss nom nom nom. =D

I'm in the middle of packing all my shit up yet again because i'm moving into my sisters house on sunday. I've got like three days and i've hardly packed anything. lol And i won't be able to get any done over the weekend because Adon and I are going to the city to see Parkway Drive! Then on Saturday we're getting our Tatts! =D So so so keen for that!

Okay, I found this and it's pretty much the coolest thing everr!

I should get back to packing, then sleep cos i gotta get up early in the morning to buy my bookshelf! Whoo! Lol.

So yeah, sleep time now.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy birthday too meeeeeee.. =D

Good evening lovelys =)

It feels like i haven't blogged in forever.
It's my birthday in a couple hours! 18! Zomg!
Legal at last.
Now i can get a loan!
And a debit card!
And hire a hooker!
And buy a packet of smokes. Lol
Not that i would.. For the last one anyway.. =P

I'm heaps excited. =D
I bought this really pretty dress. =)

Looookkkkk! =D

I'm going out to dinner with my boyfriend, sister and some of my close friends then going out!
I don't think i'll drink much though. Haha

Well It's going to have more class than my ex best friends 18th that's for sure.
Yeah she went to the local pub, got smashed and had dirty strippers all over her. Yeah Sophie, real classy..
*eye roll*

Oh! We're going to see Where The Wild Things Are tomorrow too! Yay!
Er, We being Adon and I <3

A really close friend told me she was Bi today.
My reaction - "Have you ever had a crush on me?? =D"
Her - "Err, No."
Me - *Awww* =(
Haha it was pretty damn funny. =)

You know what? I kinda secretly want to grow a beard. But like a sexy beard, Haha..
Wait.. I actually saw a lady with a beard today, It didn't look good at all.. It was like seeing a car crash.. It was horrible yet i couldn't stop staring...
Hmm.. Okay so, I kinda secretly want to be a man, to grow a beard. =D
Is that weird?

Oh wow, I've had this open for so long that I am now 18. Holy Shit.
Son of a mother duck.
I'm a freaking Adult!

You want to know what is the best feeling in the entire world?
Like if i could bottle this feeling, i would just keep it in a jar next to me forever.
I wouldn't sell it for money, because money wouldn't mean anything to me.
It's the way i felt when he said that he was in love with me.
Kind of like being filled with happiness, but more than that. Much more than that.