Sunday, April 11, 2010

I want you.

I want smiles from strangers..
I want bass so loud the whole floor shakes..
I want going to sleep at 5am..
I want sunshine..
I want rain..
I want kisses beneath the lightning..
I want twirling in the shade..
I want skies bright blue and clouds bright white..
I want your fingertips across my skin..
I want barefoot travels to places unknown..
I want to see the raindrops fall down my window..
I want that fuzzy feeling when you first like someone..
I want red cheeks and tea dresses..
I want ripples on a pond..
I want staying up with someone you know will never love you back, but liking them all the same..
I want to see the world as if it were a movie.
And I want the best soundtrack ever made..