Friday, October 30, 2009

From up here, everything looks so fucking beautiful.

Hey you guysssss.

You know those days where a whole heap of little things go right and it just makes the whole day seem fantastic? Well, today is one of them =)

Okay, so i wasn't looking forward to closing tonight, but i ended up having such an awesome night!
I had the most fun i've had in a very long time. My boss is fucking epic. I laughed more than i think i ever have. I was on the floor at one stage not being able to breathe at all! Hahaha.
So we finished at around 2.30am ish? Then we mished it out to the 24hr service station, almost lost control of the car! Haha! Then again becuase michael stabbed himself with his name badge and my boss was laughing so hard he could hardly drive. Hung there for for a bit then went home.

James - "Yeah, cos Rynell being at my house isn't going to be weird at all, especially with the big boss sleeping on my couch!" hahaha!

Michael's wet. =D
Funniest night ever. I felt like i was drunk, but i was just having so much fun.
Just got home and it's 3am! Winn!^^

Mmmmm Redbull and skittles.. =D

I has snakebites now =) Annnddd i got quotes for my tatt! The cutest boy ever keeps making me smile like no one else can<3 Annndddd I got the ticket =) So, i ended up doing everything i set out to do! Zing!

Bahh even though the night was well good, i still miss that boy oh so much! <3 You know who you are! Well, maybe, if you're reading this that is.. Haha.

35 dayssss!! XD
Man, i am never going to be able to sleep this hyper. First season of Gossip Girl anyone?


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Being in love is totally punk rock.

Hello dears!

I felt really really good today! Despite the fact that i've got a cold =(
I felt like shit last night so it's nice to feel the way i do now.

Going to the city tomorrow to buy my friend a concert ticket so he can mosh it up with us at Parkwayyyy!!! <3 I'm so excited! =D

Closing allllll weekend means i'll have to stay in town, but it'll be alright if it's with Drue or James, Especially Drue haha he'll be so happy! We're going to be really busy though. The Barra Bash AND the bull rides are on.

Uhmmm not much else has happened..

Except, there's this boy, annddddd he's really cute and makes me laugh heaps and i like him lots! JUST CAN'T WAIT for novemberrr! <3

I went and saw my nieces today, my brother's family went away seed collecting for a few weeks and they've only just come back so i went and visited them and oh my goodness
My little niece Lilly-Rose got so big! Haha she is the cutest thing ever! And her sister Annabelle is still the little cutie<3>

That's Lilly-Rose, she's a little older now though.
Annndddd this is Annabelle =)

I being an aunty =)

I love this time of year, all the pretty frogs come out! haha just had to get one out of the bathroom. I never understood how people get scared of them. lol They're so cute.

Haha well i'm off now.

Byeeeee xo

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Children don't grow up, our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up..

Mondays equal party? Yayyyy! I have just about every Monday off. That's all going to change soon! i'll actually get weekends off, hooraahh!

I slept in til 11.30 ish today. It felt fantastic.

In other news, i'm feeling very conflicted. About boys..
I honestly don't know what to do.
Everybody needs to read the House of Night novels to know what i'm feeling.
Ahh i saw my friend yesterday! She made me laugh heaps and i love her.<3
We're going to go to the Woolshed cos they let you dance on the tables!
Blehh.. Stomache crampsss.. =(
No fun at all.
Oh well, i'm going to go watch the entire series of Harry Potter<3<3

Thursday, October 22, 2009



The last couple of days have been pretty awesome.
Issue 32 of the adorable Frankie came out, i ran straight from work to the newsagents just in time to get my bi-monthly fix =)
To be honest i haven't had a chance to read the whole thing yet But! From the few pages i have read it appears to be just as aweosme as ever.

The last two days of work have been funny as hell.
There are all these new girls and we're around the same age and we just get along so well, it makes work bearable.
The store was dead quite so me and another girl, Jesse were just walking around then i went to open the door for an old couple and i was pulling it and pulling it, and i was like " Why isn't this opening?!?" And Jesse was like, " Err.. Push, Nell."
hahah Funniest thing ever, we all just dissolved into giggles.
I was so full of shame. Aha.

I bought a skirt the other week while i was visiting my friends and when i put it on it had a button missing right on the front, revealing my undies to the world. So now, i'm sewing the spare button on. Annndd i just pricked my finger, how nice. haha

I fucking LOVE Glee.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

We're adults now and we can do whatever we want =)

Hectic weekend. =(
Work was really really horrid. I had to stay at my sister's house, annndd i just realised i left my toothbrush there! Thank Murphy I still have my old one. haha
I have the day off tomorrow, maybe i'll go for a drive somewhere i haven't been before. =)
Feeling a little lonely tonight. I think maybe because sunday night's are like my friday night's and monday and tuesday are my weekend, so i used to go out all the time. But, now.. Well, my social life is pretty much non exsitant. Apart from work, and seeing my friends,Roey and Heath every now and then I do nothing. Haha
I know everyone goes on a bout it, but it truely is a great thing. I'm talking of course about PostSecret. =)
This weeks secrets are nice.
My new favorite thing? fucking awesome.
Well ima have a shower now. No wait! a bubblebath!!

Friday, October 16, 2009


I like people watching. It's fun. You go, you sit on a patio or something with a friend, and you watch people go by. The two of you can make up little stories in your head for them. I mean, I think we make up little stories for people in our heads anyway, on an unconscious level. Stereotyping is a part of that. But when you're people watching you think about it more.

But what's even more fun, especially if you live near a college or university, is to get up high, at night. Not too high, but above head-level. In a tree, or on a ledge in shadows. And then you and your friend just sit quietly, and you sit still, and you wait for groups of people going to and from parties, or to and from friends' houses, and you listen. You get a snatch of conversation, here or there. It's like people watching, except you can get a bit closer to them. It's almost like for a brief second you can hear their thoughts. People listening! Another hobby that's just one step closer to stalking! - A quote from a guy called Joey.

But stalking's so easy to do now isn't it. The internet just makes it so damn simple. Say for instance, the guy you dated then broke up with is still your friend on facebook. Just one click away and you're got all his status updates, when he's home for example and you just happen to be walking by his house.. Or what times he's going out to the pub and you just happen to bump into him there..
I'm quite over him though. No really, I've even limited my Fb stalking to three times a week.

My friend and I recently came across this guy who worked at a certain gaming store.. We ended up going there every week on different days so that we could figure out what days he has off, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We then hunted him down and added him on facebook, now we knew that his hobbies included fire twirling and we just happened to bring that up in our next conversation with him at work.. Andd we googled him =) We're yet to find out where he lives..

But is this all this knowledge really such a good thing? For me personally, i think i get more depressed knowing what my ex has been doing. I'd rather be ignorant of these things thank you very much.

And also, the internet is pretty fucking scary. I was recently just browsing through friends pages and what not and stubbled across naked photo's of a girl i went to school with. Didn't ever really need to see her bush. I'm not saying she didn't look good naked, just that it was kinda awkward. Even if it's art.

Blehh i feel wrecked.
Ima sleep now =)


Thursday, October 15, 2009


Oh, Haiiii!

Day off today! And what have i done so far? Well! i slept in til 11, watched chick flicks all morning and just quite alot of nothing. I love days like these =)

My Friend sent my a link last night of this loverly website and i just love it!

It's it just the cutest?

Anyway, the Relay for Life is next month and i have to start fundraising for it! I'm busking. =)

Ahh.. I'm so broke. It's making me quite depressed. I need more money.

I want to take some time off from work, but i don't think i'll be able to this close to christmas..

Hum, my friend's are coming home from uni soon. I hope things haven't changed much.

It's really really hot here, i wanna go swimming.