Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dun dun dunnnn Peacock Dreams!


Okay ladies and gentlemen!
This weeks Hottie is so special he gets 2 pictures.
Infact it should even be more than 2. This whole entry should be dedicated just to him!
Okay, maybe that's too far.. but!
I am talking, of course, about the one, the only..!

Noel Fielding!!
Aka Vince Noir!


He was going to be my very first choice for Hottie Thursday.
And how could he not be, with that cheeky grin, gorgeous accent and boyish good looks!
The man is perfect! :D
Made famous alongside Jullian Barratt aka Howard Moon, by their show The Mighty Boosh.
For those who've never watched it. I insist you do so now.


Oh.. But I'm thinking there's this other hottie i've been negleting..
And girls, please note, he's taken. So quit staring. :P

Not even joking. :)


So anyway..
I got an interview with maccas on friday.
Clean and healthy workplace!
And I know i'll get hours cos i'm fully trained and just awesome.
So, I mean, why wouldn't they?