Thursday, April 15, 2010

Musings.. :)

Oh Hi..

Josh Groban, you sexy thing you. :D

I happen to think this photo is just adorable because of the way he's laughing in it.
That cheeky grin. :D

I can't believe I haven't posted any musicians since I started this.
I mean, it's just fact that musicians are sexier than normal people. Haha.
Josh sings pretty songs in his pretty voice. :)


Got woken up at 7.30 this morning after only getting 3.5 hours sleep by Hj's telling me not to come into work today, but to come in on monday instead.
Then of course I couldn't get back to sleep.. =\

Meeting up with Maria before she leaves tomorrow.
Though i'm sure it won't be long before i'm back home :)


One of my best friends from high school told me she's pregnant today. I couldn't believe it.
But i'm so happy for her. She's moved back home so I deffinately have to catch up with her when i'm there.