Saturday, May 29, 2010

There's no place like home.

Hey! Hello!

I know it's been forever (1 week) since I posted something. D:

I'm back home! (hooray!)
It's super nice. :)

I do not have the net at home yet D:
Soon though, once I get my shit together hahah

I've actually only spent two nights at my house though haha
I've been with Joel pretty much 24/7 and it's awesome.
We've only spent one night apart and it sucked.

I hope to god that the next 4 weeks are the longest 4 weeks in my life.
I seriously hope the end of June never comes.

Joel's pretty much the most amazing thing ever.
I'm looking after him at the moment. And by looking after i mean watching him sleep, he's so funny. :)
No but seriously, we went camping last night for his cousins birthday and he got bitten by a scorpion and he got really sick :(
So I'm looking after him :)

Yeah so I'm pretty happy with life at present. :)
It's a pretty good feeling.

So just a quick update. I'll have the net soon. Yay tumblr! How i've missed it.
haha so yeah, bye lovely's! :)


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2 more sleeps..

Oh hai guyz..

2 more sleeps til i'm home!
I'm so excited.

I kinda wish I could stay but at the same time, i love that i'm able to just pack up my stuff and leave. It's a nice feeling.

I feel like all my memories are hidden away. I can't get to them.
Like they're lying under dusty floorboards in my mind.
I want to find them..

2 more sleeps

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Feeling... blerghhh =\

I really hate not having a plan. Not being organised. Not knowing things.
I like plans. I like everything organised.
I like having my day all set out.
I like my weeks all set out.

That being said. I tend to contradict myself because i'm a messy person.
I never do the things I should when I should.
I haven't done alot of important things I should have.
I'm really lazy. And I hate that. But, at the same time, I'm just not motivated enough to do anything about it..

Spontanity isn't really my thing.
I wish it was though.
I really wish I could be carefree and not worry.
But I do, I worry all the time over the tiniest things.
And then I get stressed. Which causes headaches.

I'm a messy, lazy person who wishes she were more motivated and organised but knows that in reality that she'll never be that proactive. And she can't cook and she get's stress headaches ALL the time. And she never tells people her problems.

And I don't know why I just started talking in third person.

I don't know why I'm not fat. I eat when I'm bored.
And I've done nothing all day but eat.

I'm kinda nervous about coming home actually.
The kitten died =( And I was so excited.
I wish I had more money, I never have enough money.
And it's usually because I buy alot of unnecessary things.

I'm worried about the future.
Is it wrong for me to be freaking out about it?
I'm only 18 and i'm freaking out because I don't know what's happening in my life.
I don't know what I'm doing.
But the problem is that I'm not doing anything.

Yeah I'm cynical tonight.
Just ignore my ramblings.

I had alot of fun with Mel and Lucy last night.
Even if the movie was terribly cliched.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Can we, shall we?

I had the crappiest night evar last night =( Not fun.

Uhm... So five more days of work here then i'm home.
I can't wait to come home. To see Joel, and Roey and Diddy and Garfield anddd my new KITTEN!
Oh my goodness excited! Joel got me a kitten! :D It's a fluffy ranga one like the one i've been dreaming about, yayy! :D
But mainly excited to see Joel =) <3

I've just about finished packing, just got the last few little things to do..
I would finish doing it now, but I have run out of bubblewrap and i'm too lazy too walk to the postoffice and buy more..
Well, not lazy really, just tired from the zero sleep I got last night and because I've just walked down to the supermarket and back. So i'm conserving my energy til I have to go to work in about an hour..

So yeah, my life is pretty boring at the moment.

Oh oh oh! But! The Amity Affliction playing in Cairns in July! Yay! Can't wait for that. Means i'll have seen them 3 times :D

I think I might go back to sleep before I have to get ready for work..
Nanna naps ftw! :D


Friday, May 7, 2010

Okayokayokay, so I know I said no more Hottie Thursdays and I mean it.
But, I just need to take a second to recognise, Dallas Green.

Ohh my goodness.
Dallas Green I think I could just sit and listen to your beautiful voice all day and not get tired of it ever.
He's the guitarist for awesome Canadian band Alexisonfire.
And he has a solo band called City and Colour.
I saw him when he played with Alexisonfire Earlier this year.
But I would absolutely love to see City and Colour live. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
I like the beard. And his tatts are all kinds of sexy awesomeness.


Winter is deffinately on the way.
It's so cold D: Brrrrr..
I've got 3 blankets on my bed.
Really wishing I had somone to cuddle up to and keep me warm. *nudge Joel* :(
But but! Not long and I see youuuu! :D <3

I have always wanted a pet bunny.
I still do.
Stupid Queensland laws >=(

But seriously, how effing adorable are they?
I never understood why my friends got guinea pigs for pets.
I've never liked guinea pigs. They're ugly gross and just stupid.
But a bunny!? Omg awesome.
I'm going to move interstate and get one.

I'm seriously considering quitting maccas and getting a job at just a coffee shop.
I want to do my full barrista course. I think I can do it through the coffee club?
I LOVE making coffee.
And I even drank some today. :O
And it tasted pretty damn awesome. Mind you, I did have to add caramel syrup and 4 sugars to it haha
But yeah, I really really love doing it.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No more Hottie Thursdays.
Sorrrryyyyy. But maybe one of my awesome friends, *nudge, Roey* should start it again maybe :P

Okay. Seriously can't wait for the 5th season of Skins. I bawled my eyes out in 4th. D:
But it's so good.
Naomi and Emily <3<3<3<3 so adorable.
Freddie ='(
I don't get the hype over Effy though. Really.

This is a boring entry. I'm bored in general atm..
Facebook is boring, Tumblr is boring. I'm even a little bored watching Neighbours right now, and that's saying something, cos I love that show haha..

The maccas I work at here is so quiet compared to the one back home, it's crazy..

Anyway i'm going to go.. do something, i don't know what, but something. Maybe i'll get off the comp and just watch tv..


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh haiii..
I've been pretty slack with posts lately..

Weekend was eventful.
I went out with Melinda, Rohie, Lucy and Grace on saturday night that was heaps fun.
Melinda made a fool of herself and did a good job of amusing us all. She did everything from chat up black guys on the bus to literally fall into a group of guys in Queen st. Hahaha
Was good though :)

My housemate's brother came over for the weekend from England.
So I got drunk and retarded with them.
Not even joking. Never doing that again. =\

I can't wait to come home. Like, so bad. :(

Hair is super red. :D I love it.
Seeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D I actually don't like this photo. Lol but the hair is awesome.


So i've finally started watching the other seasons of Skins.
I put it off for so long because I couldn't bear the thought of not seeing everyone from the first and second season.
So I didn't really like it at the start. Cook still annoys me.
I love Naomi and Katie.

Ahh! P.S I love you is on tv on wednesday! Not that I can't watch it whenever I like, but it'll give me something to do :P If i'm not working that is.

I literally can't stop Tumblin'
Oh well.