Thursday, July 22, 2010

© [ TWF ] ~ XTiên - Cố cười =))

I've never been the best at decision making. Like ever.
I just don't like being the one to decide. I need a system. Or a way to chose things by random. Like eeny meeny miny mo and whatever it lands on is what I'll chose. Yeah maybe I'll do that.

I'm secretly looking for a new job. I guess after 3 years I'm finally over Maccas.

I really really really need to get my P's. I've been driving more. It's just I keep working shitty hours so I have to stay in town.

I want to sleep in tomorrow but I can't because I'm going to cairns with Reegan to get our Timeout and HvH tickets :D I'm also getting a quote for my new tattoo that I'll be getting on monday week after next :D

Amity last weekend was lots of fun. I wish their set was longer but oh well.

I know this isn't easy, for either of us. But I haven't stopped thinking about you and I know you're thinking of me too. SO to qoute skins.. Be brave and want me back.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

© Elizabeth Ibarra

Oh Hi! :)

Sleepover with the gang was good fun. I missed doing it.
Kery Patty! ahollypanigas works at iga. LOL

And the show was heaps of fun :)
Mega dissappointed that the zipper wasn't there though. But oh well.

Super fantastically excited about this weekend!!!!!
Amity Affliction saturday night!!! :D :D
Seeing them for the third time. Yayyyy!
I be going down with Reegan in morning and doing some shopping and whatnot. :)
It's going to be awesome.

Then HvH and Confession!! :D

I know working at maccas is pretty tacky.
But I fucking love it.
Seriously. I know some of the people i've met there/work with are going to be friends for life.
Just like Roey. :) <3
Which is why she shouldn't move.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yay life!

Life's pretty good right now. :)

Sure there are things that could be better but i'm pretty happy now.
And it better stay this way. haha

Yay show tomorrow!! :D