Sunday, November 22, 2009


So.. Things have been happening..

I should stop writing when i feel like this, everything just ends up being so negative. But i kinda treat this like a diary of sorts so yeah, whatevrzz. Like you care anyway?

Feeling lonely right about... Now.
You're not talking to me.. =(
I'm kinda here alone, and you're over there..?

This girl manages to say everything i'm feeling. check herr out!
I burnt my arms three times at work today..

I want to go on holidays.
I want to go to the beach.
And dip my toes in the water..
And feel the breeze around me..
I've got soo many hours at work this week.. =( Seriously, 43 hours that's not even allowed! Lol
But my pay is gonna be pretty awesome, but still! lol I've got more hours than ANYONE else in the store. =(

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hello lovelys.
I'm still annoyed that my power cord hasn't arrived yet, but i'm amazed at how much i can get done when i'm not on the computer. Haha. And! I actually went to bed heaps early and feel super good. haha.
So! Err.. Not much has been happening..
I swear my Grandma has more social life than i do. LOL!
Seriously she's out all the time. Haha but she's awesome and i love her. =)
I gave my kittie a bath today. Haha it was heaps funny.
And then i went and picked some flowers and now they're making my room all pretty. =)
I just reaslised i've got 5 weekends in a row off! Haha wow!
Oh! And my friends having a goth/fairys party in december and so i've got to sort out a costume. Haha I was trying stuff on last night and i went to show Diddy and he said i looked elegant. Haha, so apparently i'm going as an elegant goth lolol. That should be an interesting night. =D
All righty, i'm going to have some tea. Byeeee!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Paranoid much?

This is the truth, I'm feeling...

And just down right shitty.
Why don't you talk to me like that? Why do you have to act different?
Why can't you tell people?
Really..? You're not interested are you?

I'm going to get drilled over this lol..
But you know what? I'm really over today.. =(

I didn't get home til 3am cos me, Cassie nd Jesse decided to walk past the pub with giant balloons under our shirts and giggling every time we tried to bend over. hahah then we found Wally but we couldn't find the wizard! And Cassie broke the payphone trying to prank call someone. Then we started fights between the black guy and the backpakers.. LOL While we're lying in the middle of the street yelling.. "Where's the popcorn?!"
Hahah. But then it got late and i wanted to go home but i was all the way on the other side of town and i had to walk home becasue i left my wallet at home. And seriously the dark scares the shit out of me. Especially when just as I started walking, a group of guys were walking behind me.. When it's pitch black at 2.40 in the morning and you're by yourself, yeah you woulda been running too. Rofl..

Anyway, then i had to get up at 6 to start work. I just love functioning on less than 3 hours sleep.

It's only been a day without my laptop and i'm getting depressed. Kill me now, please.

Go visit my friend Roey's blog, she's my best friend and she's awesome and i love her. =D <3 align="center">And on another note, one more week.
I wish you were here... (L)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

When in doubt, cuddle a teady bear.

Sup ya'll?
Quick shout out to Kodie and Eleanor, Happy birthday dears! xo

Above secret means quite a bit to me.
I don't like this generation either.. I'd much prefer to be living in another decade.. 20's, 30's 40's <3>

Alllll day today i kept thinking it was Wednesday, so at work i was like Yay! I have the day off tomorrow! Then my manager would be like, uhh no you don't, and shatter my happiness. Haha

I stumbled across this today!

Isn't it just the cutest? It's from a girl called Anna, she's only 14 and creating the most beautiful things.. Check out her work here..

Death Cab For Cutieeeee<3 They.Just.Blow.My.Mind.

I really really really want to go see The Time Traveler's Wife, but i don't have anyone to go see it with.. =( Damn you Ollie!

I can't beleive how quickly this year has passed.. My first year out of high school and i haven't achieved anything.. It's going too fast. =(

Gahhh all i have to do is survive the next 10 days and everything will be better<3>

Monday, November 9, 2009

I could be anyone but your friend..

Today was a pretty good day. Apart from sleeping right through my alarm and nearly being late for work.. Haha :D
Work was fine. Michael made my day though. Michael is this kid, and i say kid because even though he's a year older than me, he acts like a freakin 12yr old. LOL.
So he's always hurting himself, or falling over into the most obscure angles and today he gets this bright idea to stick his finger into a hole in this little plastic drip tray thing. Yeah Michael, great idea, except now your finger's stuck and turning purple. Yep that's what happened. We were trying for about 15mins to get this thing off his finger all the while it's turning a dangerous looking purple colour.. bahaha i laughed my fucking arse off. The whole store was laughing. We were this close to calling the ambulance becuase we just couldn't get it off, when we finally cut it off. Funniest thing ever.

I picked up my guitar for the first time in a while tonight.. I just haven't felt inspired lately..

Ahaha, my Itunes is on shuffle and Savage Garden are playing. I secretly love them. And I love the feeling i get when i hear songs like this.. It's like seeing an old friend and remembering everything.. I remember back in primary school my music class had to sing 'Affrimation' And i wanted to do 'I want you' instead but nobody else knew how to do the super fast bit except me and i was all like, aww you guys suck. Haha..

So! Yesterday i got some major shit news. Maximum The Hormone have withdrawn from soundwave next year! D= They were one of the main reasons i wanted to go.. =( Fuckity Fuck. Son of a mother duck..

Oh but then my mood went from happy to shit in one second. My birthday plans are all screwed now.. =(

Bleehhh, let's not think about that yet, we've still got another 25 days till we need to worry bout that. :P

Come with us now on a journey through timeee and space! To the world, of the mightttttyyyy booosshh!<33

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I know you're just trying to help. But i think you're taking it too far. It's different this time. Take a step back and look at me. See how happy i am now? Isn't that what's important? Shouldn't me being happy make you happy? Stop saying all those things, when you don't even know the half of it.. I'm happy. Even if it is only for a little while. Even if this doesn't work, even if we don't last. I'd rather be happy now and hurt later, than to not be happy at all.. Please just believe me.

Oh how i wish i had the courage to say that. I'm working on it though. She needs to know that this is how i feel..

I know i wasn't going to do anything for the weekend, but now that's it's over, i kinda wish i had done something.. It just feels like a totally waste of time..
I pay off my couches soon. Yay! Furniture! I still need a new tv and bed, but those can wait i guess.
I'm feeling down today, i just feel so blehh.. =(
I need a great big hug.. and some chocolate. Both of which i won't be getting for a while..
I'm going to go watch Beauty and The Beast quite possible one of my favorite childhood movies.. <3

Friday, November 6, 2009

I look around but I can't find you, If only I could see your face..

Above picture is a Ben Zen creation and i'm pretty much in love with him. =D

I felt so sick last night but then i slept for 12 hours and feel really good now.

As i was walking back from the doctors i was walking past the bookshop and remembered that the books we ordered had arrived so i thought i'd be a lovely sister and pay it for her and surprise her at work. We've been so looking forward to these books. They're called The House Of Night novels and they're about vampyres. But not andything like Twilight. So over that shit. I read them before all the hype. Lol. I mean i loved the Twilight books, but then it just got so overrated. And seriously the movie makes me want to vomit. Anyway! The House Of Night novels are fantastic. The first thing i did was flick to the back to see if there's another book and yes! There is, It's called Burned. Whoo! So far in the series there are: Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, Hunted And now Tempted! Yay! <3

Hmm.. I've been thinking about this alot lately.. So i have a love/hate relationship with girls with red hair.. My natural hair colour is red and i hate it so i dye it, yay! I see girls with red hair and they all look so elegant and pretty but i can never see myself looking like that. Like Rachel Mcadams in The Notebook And The Time Traveler's Wife.

Anndddd Florence Welch! From Florence and the machine!
Anndddd Alison Sodul from A Fine Frenzy
And Emma from Glee!

They're all so pretty! But i'm thinkng of maybe going back, but not just yet.

In other news... Listening to David Bowie causes broken ankles. I was dancing like an idiot to 'We can be hereos' And totes fell over and hurt my ankle. Uncoordinated much?

Bahaha Ashlea and Chivell are getting fit for my birthday! Parrtttaayyyyy! 28 daysss! That's exciting. But even more exciting is what's happening in 2 weeks! =D <3

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The impossible seems possible this time..

I realised my last post, didn't really have much to it. Haha so! Here's another one..

I am home! If only for one night though.. =(

I'm sooo tired from work this morning, i woke up late and had seriously 5 minutes to get dressed and stuff. I was still getting dressed walking into the store. Haha. I fucking hate opens. Jess took one look at me this morning and went, "You're really not a morning person are you?" Lol. No Jess, i'm not.
Well, unless, it's waking up when i want and why and beside whom.. Haha <3

Two more days of work then weekend! I swear to god, i'm just going to be curled up under the blankets watching my fave shows and catching up on all the sleep i've lost this week. Lol.

Rain clouds everywhere...

3 reasons to love the rain..

Of course there are more reasons, like kisses in the rain, and jumping in mud puddles! And the sound it makes when it hits the roof, and the way you can smell it.. <3

Bed time i think..

Night! xoxo

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

But you're so far away...

Oh herrooo..

Counting down the days..
It's getting closer^^

Work has just been so blehhh for the last few days..

It's been quite chilly for a while now, nobody noticed. I'm terrified.

I want to go home. I miss my kitty. I want to sleep in my own bed. =( It's making me quite upset really.. I'm pretty sure, i need a hug.

There's a whole world down in the ocean. Filled with talking shrimp and boys who call you back, but my breath won't hold long enough..