Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hello lovelys.
I'm still annoyed that my power cord hasn't arrived yet, but i'm amazed at how much i can get done when i'm not on the computer. Haha. And! I actually went to bed heaps early and feel super good. haha.
So! Err.. Not much has been happening..
I swear my Grandma has more social life than i do. LOL!
Seriously she's out all the time. Haha but she's awesome and i love her. =)
I gave my kittie a bath today. Haha it was heaps funny.
And then i went and picked some flowers and now they're making my room all pretty. =)
I just reaslised i've got 5 weekends in a row off! Haha wow!
Oh! And my friends having a goth/fairys party in december and so i've got to sort out a costume. Haha I was trying stuff on last night and i went to show Diddy and he said i looked elegant. Haha, so apparently i'm going as an elegant goth lolol. That should be an interesting night. =D
All righty, i'm going to have some tea. Byeeee!