Friday, November 6, 2009

I look around but I can't find you, If only I could see your face..

Above picture is a Ben Zen creation and i'm pretty much in love with him. =D

I felt so sick last night but then i slept for 12 hours and feel really good now.

As i was walking back from the doctors i was walking past the bookshop and remembered that the books we ordered had arrived so i thought i'd be a lovely sister and pay it for her and surprise her at work. We've been so looking forward to these books. They're called The House Of Night novels and they're about vampyres. But not andything like Twilight. So over that shit. I read them before all the hype. Lol. I mean i loved the Twilight books, but then it just got so overrated. And seriously the movie makes me want to vomit. Anyway! The House Of Night novels are fantastic. The first thing i did was flick to the back to see if there's another book and yes! There is, It's called Burned. Whoo! So far in the series there are: Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, Hunted And now Tempted! Yay! <3

Hmm.. I've been thinking about this alot lately.. So i have a love/hate relationship with girls with red hair.. My natural hair colour is red and i hate it so i dye it, yay! I see girls with red hair and they all look so elegant and pretty but i can never see myself looking like that. Like Rachel Mcadams in The Notebook And The Time Traveler's Wife.

Anndddd Florence Welch! From Florence and the machine!
Anndddd Alison Sodul from A Fine Frenzy
And Emma from Glee!

They're all so pretty! But i'm thinkng of maybe going back, but not just yet.

In other news... Listening to David Bowie causes broken ankles. I was dancing like an idiot to 'We can be hereos' And totes fell over and hurt my ankle. Uncoordinated much?

Bahaha Ashlea and Chivell are getting fit for my birthday! Parrtttaayyyyy! 28 daysss! That's exciting. But even more exciting is what's happening in 2 weeks! =D <3