Monday, November 9, 2009

I could be anyone but your friend..

Today was a pretty good day. Apart from sleeping right through my alarm and nearly being late for work.. Haha :D
Work was fine. Michael made my day though. Michael is this kid, and i say kid because even though he's a year older than me, he acts like a freakin 12yr old. LOL.
So he's always hurting himself, or falling over into the most obscure angles and today he gets this bright idea to stick his finger into a hole in this little plastic drip tray thing. Yeah Michael, great idea, except now your finger's stuck and turning purple. Yep that's what happened. We were trying for about 15mins to get this thing off his finger all the while it's turning a dangerous looking purple colour.. bahaha i laughed my fucking arse off. The whole store was laughing. We were this close to calling the ambulance becuase we just couldn't get it off, when we finally cut it off. Funniest thing ever.

I picked up my guitar for the first time in a while tonight.. I just haven't felt inspired lately..

Ahaha, my Itunes is on shuffle and Savage Garden are playing. I secretly love them. And I love the feeling i get when i hear songs like this.. It's like seeing an old friend and remembering everything.. I remember back in primary school my music class had to sing 'Affrimation' And i wanted to do 'I want you' instead but nobody else knew how to do the super fast bit except me and i was all like, aww you guys suck. Haha..

So! Yesterday i got some major shit news. Maximum The Hormone have withdrawn from soundwave next year! D= They were one of the main reasons i wanted to go.. =( Fuckity Fuck. Son of a mother duck..

Oh but then my mood went from happy to shit in one second. My birthday plans are all screwed now.. =(

Bleehhh, let's not think about that yet, we've still got another 25 days till we need to worry bout that. :P

Come with us now on a journey through timeee and space! To the world, of the mightttttyyyy booosshh!<33