Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The impossible seems possible this time..

I realised my last post, didn't really have much to it. Haha so! Here's another one..

I am home! If only for one night though.. =(

I'm sooo tired from work this morning, i woke up late and had seriously 5 minutes to get dressed and stuff. I was still getting dressed walking into the store. Haha. I fucking hate opens. Jess took one look at me this morning and went, "You're really not a morning person are you?" Lol. No Jess, i'm not.
Well, unless, it's waking up when i want and why and beside whom.. Haha <3

Two more days of work then weekend! I swear to god, i'm just going to be curled up under the blankets watching my fave shows and catching up on all the sleep i've lost this week. Lol.

Rain clouds everywhere...

3 reasons to love the rain..

Of course there are more reasons, like kisses in the rain, and jumping in mud puddles! And the sound it makes when it hits the roof, and the way you can smell it.. <3

Bed time i think..

Night! xoxo