Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We assessed our finances and concluded that; yes, this level of happiness is achievable within our budget..

You all know what day it is todayy.. :D
And here he is.. The one, the only..

Gerard Butler.
Seriously, how hot is he?!
I'm considering just putting this as my desktop background or something.. lol

I miss Joel.. I hate being so far away..
It's gonna be hard, but it'll be worth it. :)

Went and did a little more shopping today.
And while i was wondering round the shopping center i happened to walk past cosmetic plus where they had peircings for $25 and i thought, why not?
So i got my Helix done. (top of the ear) It's gonna hurt like a bitch when i go to sleep tonight as it's on the side i sleep on lol.. Ah well.

I STILL haven't finished unpacking yet. I'm so slack.. Haha

I get to see my sister in 2 weeks! She's comming down for work. :) That'll be good.