Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random Hottie Thrusday! :D

Thursday's are going to be Random Hottie Day.
Where I pick out a random hottie and talk a bit about him. Could be an actor, musician, random hot guy I take a photo of.. :P
Haha anything like that..
And to start it off we have....

Paul Rudd!
He's in:
I Love You, Man
Knocked Up
Role Models.

And so on.. :D
Seriously though, so yummy.


It was my nephew, Jayden's 9th birthday today.
Falling on St Pattricks Day, He's going to have fun on his 18th :P
We had Ice-cream cake and watched his favorite move, Transformers 2. Haha

And in other news..
Did somone say $1 basics?
Oh, yes please. Haha
Going out tonight!
Shall be fun, hopefully.

I need time to just be single, to just have some fun..
That's pretty much all I want right now..

Anyway, night kiddies!