Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's Thursday..!!

It's Thursday ladies! And, Hottiie of the week is....

*Chace Crawford!*

Best known for his character Nate Archibald in the series Gossip Girl.
I love that show. Full of pretty shoes and dresses.
Anddd pretty boys! ^^


I'm lying in bed waiting for the truck to come to take all my stuff away.
Then i'm going to have a nap then call my diddy to come pick me up so I can go say goodbye to my grandma.

I'm going out tomorrow night!
It'll be the last time I see my friends in cairns..
And prolly the last time I see him as well..
It's just a bit of fun.. But what if it could have been more than that?
But I guess we'll never know..

Man, the wind is blowing so hard here.. =\ I don't like it all that much..

Oh well..