Friday, October 30, 2009

From up here, everything looks so fucking beautiful.

Hey you guysssss.

You know those days where a whole heap of little things go right and it just makes the whole day seem fantastic? Well, today is one of them =)

Okay, so i wasn't looking forward to closing tonight, but i ended up having such an awesome night!
I had the most fun i've had in a very long time. My boss is fucking epic. I laughed more than i think i ever have. I was on the floor at one stage not being able to breathe at all! Hahaha.
So we finished at around 2.30am ish? Then we mished it out to the 24hr service station, almost lost control of the car! Haha! Then again becuase michael stabbed himself with his name badge and my boss was laughing so hard he could hardly drive. Hung there for for a bit then went home.

James - "Yeah, cos Rynell being at my house isn't going to be weird at all, especially with the big boss sleeping on my couch!" hahaha!

Michael's wet. =D
Funniest night ever. I felt like i was drunk, but i was just having so much fun.
Just got home and it's 3am! Winn!^^

Mmmmm Redbull and skittles.. =D

I has snakebites now =) Annnddd i got quotes for my tatt! The cutest boy ever keeps making me smile like no one else can<3 Annndddd I got the ticket =) So, i ended up doing everything i set out to do! Zing!

Bahh even though the night was well good, i still miss that boy oh so much! <3 You know who you are! Well, maybe, if you're reading this that is.. Haha.

35 dayssss!! XD
Man, i am never going to be able to sleep this hyper. First season of Gossip Girl anyone?