Sunday, October 18, 2009

We're adults now and we can do whatever we want =)

Hectic weekend. =(
Work was really really horrid. I had to stay at my sister's house, annndd i just realised i left my toothbrush there! Thank Murphy I still have my old one. haha
I have the day off tomorrow, maybe i'll go for a drive somewhere i haven't been before. =)
Feeling a little lonely tonight. I think maybe because sunday night's are like my friday night's and monday and tuesday are my weekend, so i used to go out all the time. But, now.. Well, my social life is pretty much non exsitant. Apart from work, and seeing my friends,Roey and Heath every now and then I do nothing. Haha
I know everyone goes on a bout it, but it truely is a great thing. I'm talking of course about PostSecret. =)
This weeks secrets are nice.
My new favorite thing? fucking awesome.
Well ima have a shower now. No wait! a bubblebath!!