Friday, October 16, 2009


I like people watching. It's fun. You go, you sit on a patio or something with a friend, and you watch people go by. The two of you can make up little stories in your head for them. I mean, I think we make up little stories for people in our heads anyway, on an unconscious level. Stereotyping is a part of that. But when you're people watching you think about it more.

But what's even more fun, especially if you live near a college or university, is to get up high, at night. Not too high, but above head-level. In a tree, or on a ledge in shadows. And then you and your friend just sit quietly, and you sit still, and you wait for groups of people going to and from parties, or to and from friends' houses, and you listen. You get a snatch of conversation, here or there. It's like people watching, except you can get a bit closer to them. It's almost like for a brief second you can hear their thoughts. People listening! Another hobby that's just one step closer to stalking! - A quote from a guy called Joey.

But stalking's so easy to do now isn't it. The internet just makes it so damn simple. Say for instance, the guy you dated then broke up with is still your friend on facebook. Just one click away and you're got all his status updates, when he's home for example and you just happen to be walking by his house.. Or what times he's going out to the pub and you just happen to bump into him there..
I'm quite over him though. No really, I've even limited my Fb stalking to three times a week.

My friend and I recently came across this guy who worked at a certain gaming store.. We ended up going there every week on different days so that we could figure out what days he has off, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We then hunted him down and added him on facebook, now we knew that his hobbies included fire twirling and we just happened to bring that up in our next conversation with him at work.. Andd we googled him =) We're yet to find out where he lives..

But is this all this knowledge really such a good thing? For me personally, i think i get more depressed knowing what my ex has been doing. I'd rather be ignorant of these things thank you very much.

And also, the internet is pretty fucking scary. I was recently just browsing through friends pages and what not and stubbled across naked photo's of a girl i went to school with. Didn't ever really need to see her bush. I'm not saying she didn't look good naked, just that it was kinda awkward. Even if it's art.

Blehh i feel wrecked.
Ima sleep now =)