Thursday, October 29, 2009

Being in love is totally punk rock.

Hello dears!

I felt really really good today! Despite the fact that i've got a cold =(
I felt like shit last night so it's nice to feel the way i do now.

Going to the city tomorrow to buy my friend a concert ticket so he can mosh it up with us at Parkwayyyy!!! <3 I'm so excited! =D

Closing allllll weekend means i'll have to stay in town, but it'll be alright if it's with Drue or James, Especially Drue haha he'll be so happy! We're going to be really busy though. The Barra Bash AND the bull rides are on.

Uhmmm not much else has happened..

Except, there's this boy, annddddd he's really cute and makes me laugh heaps and i like him lots! JUST CAN'T WAIT for novemberrr! <3

I went and saw my nieces today, my brother's family went away seed collecting for a few weeks and they've only just come back so i went and visited them and oh my goodness
My little niece Lilly-Rose got so big! Haha she is the cutest thing ever! And her sister Annabelle is still the little cutie<3>

That's Lilly-Rose, she's a little older now though.
Annndddd this is Annabelle =)

I being an aunty =)

I love this time of year, all the pretty frogs come out! haha just had to get one out of the bathroom. I never understood how people get scared of them. lol They're so cute.

Haha well i'm off now.

Byeeeee xo