Thursday, October 22, 2009



The last couple of days have been pretty awesome.
Issue 32 of the adorable Frankie came out, i ran straight from work to the newsagents just in time to get my bi-monthly fix =)
To be honest i haven't had a chance to read the whole thing yet But! From the few pages i have read it appears to be just as aweosme as ever.

The last two days of work have been funny as hell.
There are all these new girls and we're around the same age and we just get along so well, it makes work bearable.
The store was dead quite so me and another girl, Jesse were just walking around then i went to open the door for an old couple and i was pulling it and pulling it, and i was like " Why isn't this opening?!?" And Jesse was like, " Err.. Push, Nell."
hahah Funniest thing ever, we all just dissolved into giggles.
I was so full of shame. Aha.

I bought a skirt the other week while i was visiting my friends and when i put it on it had a button missing right on the front, revealing my undies to the world. So now, i'm sewing the spare button on. Annndd i just pricked my finger, how nice. haha

I fucking LOVE Glee.