Saturday, August 21, 2010

Going to go scream into my pillow..

You know, you're really not making this easy for me.
It wasn't ever going to be easy, but it could have been worth it..
Now I just don't know..

Can you just put a little more effort in? Please?
Because i'm literally this close, to calling quits on the whole thing.. And that thought scares me so much because I never thought I'd ever want to do that..
But I kind of do... :(

On a completely different note..

I don't want to get to know you..
It would be too weird.

I'm happy with you just being a guy friend I sort of know.
Why dies it have to be more than that?
And hanging out at night time is even weirder. Just saying.

I'm not interested in you. I'm not interested in alot of people.
It's not personal, or maybe it is, but whatever.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yeah okay as ridiculous as mood swings go, this is pretty screwed.

I wrote that last post maybe 20 minutes ago and within the last 3 minutes of our very short 6 sentence filled conversation it's gone to shit.

Why did that make me feel so goddamned empty inside?
It's like, everyone else is screaming their love for you and I have to sit back and watch it..
And not do or say anything myself..
And I know you just love the attention. It might be nice if, for once, you could pay me a little bit of that attention.
You know, seeing as you say you still care and all.
And I think xoxo has lost all it's fucking meaning.

And for just once could you stop being so fucking VAUGE?
Give me a solid date or anything. I need something to hold onto. Something to believe in.. :(

Just.. Fuck.

Oh heyyyyy..

Tumblr's down :( So Blog!

Pretty much all settled in now. It's nice. :)

TimeOUT concert on the weekend was AWESOME!
Art Vs Science were the best live so full of energy and everyone was dancing! And not the gay pushing shoving stuff just good fun dancing! :) And Lisa Mitchell was great. And The butterfly Effect were super cool. They were all great.

THEN! I got super sunburnt cos me karl and heath decided to walk to palmcove from kewarra beach haha took us forever! but was heaps fun. Then we got a Greens sign and put it out the front of heath's place and it was funny. :)

And tomorrow is 3rd Friday and Roey's coming out with me! :)
Then I have to vot on saturday but i'm still undecided..


I'm so happy right now and it's great.
I still miss you, like so much. But I get to see you soon! :)
Most likely after BoT in October though..
But still, it's gone pretty fast since you've been gone, i think anyway.. I just hope the rest goes fast too..

Tumblr's back! :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

New house. Unpacking is a bitch.

Melbourne soon! And Perth in October!! Omg SO EXCITED!
Life is good. I still want more money and tattoos and time. Homg.