Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yeah okay as ridiculous as mood swings go, this is pretty screwed.

I wrote that last post maybe 20 minutes ago and within the last 3 minutes of our very short 6 sentence filled conversation it's gone to shit.

Why did that make me feel so goddamned empty inside?
It's like, everyone else is screaming their love for you and I have to sit back and watch it..
And not do or say anything myself..
And I know you just love the attention. It might be nice if, for once, you could pay me a little bit of that attention.
You know, seeing as you say you still care and all.
And I think xoxo has lost all it's fucking meaning.

And for just once could you stop being so fucking VAUGE?
Give me a solid date or anything. I need something to hold onto. Something to believe in.. :(

Just.. Fuck.