Saturday, May 29, 2010

There's no place like home.

Hey! Hello!

I know it's been forever (1 week) since I posted something. D:

I'm back home! (hooray!)
It's super nice. :)

I do not have the net at home yet D:
Soon though, once I get my shit together hahah

I've actually only spent two nights at my house though haha
I've been with Joel pretty much 24/7 and it's awesome.
We've only spent one night apart and it sucked.

I hope to god that the next 4 weeks are the longest 4 weeks in my life.
I seriously hope the end of June never comes.

Joel's pretty much the most amazing thing ever.
I'm looking after him at the moment. And by looking after i mean watching him sleep, he's so funny. :)
No but seriously, we went camping last night for his cousins birthday and he got bitten by a scorpion and he got really sick :(
So I'm looking after him :)

Yeah so I'm pretty happy with life at present. :)
It's a pretty good feeling.

So just a quick update. I'll have the net soon. Yay tumblr! How i've missed it.
haha so yeah, bye lovely's! :)