Friday, May 7, 2010

Okayokayokay, so I know I said no more Hottie Thursdays and I mean it.
But, I just need to take a second to recognise, Dallas Green.

Ohh my goodness.
Dallas Green I think I could just sit and listen to your beautiful voice all day and not get tired of it ever.
He's the guitarist for awesome Canadian band Alexisonfire.
And he has a solo band called City and Colour.
I saw him when he played with Alexisonfire Earlier this year.
But I would absolutely love to see City and Colour live. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
I like the beard. And his tatts are all kinds of sexy awesomeness.


Winter is deffinately on the way.
It's so cold D: Brrrrr..
I've got 3 blankets on my bed.
Really wishing I had somone to cuddle up to and keep me warm. *nudge Joel* :(
But but! Not long and I see youuuu! :D <3

I have always wanted a pet bunny.
I still do.
Stupid Queensland laws >=(

But seriously, how effing adorable are they?
I never understood why my friends got guinea pigs for pets.
I've never liked guinea pigs. They're ugly gross and just stupid.
But a bunny!? Omg awesome.
I'm going to move interstate and get one.

I'm seriously considering quitting maccas and getting a job at just a coffee shop.
I want to do my full barrista course. I think I can do it through the coffee club?
I LOVE making coffee.
And I even drank some today. :O
And it tasted pretty damn awesome. Mind you, I did have to add caramel syrup and 4 sugars to it haha
But yeah, I really really love doing it.