Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No more Hottie Thursdays.
Sorrrryyyyy. But maybe one of my awesome friends, *nudge, Roey* should start it again maybe :P

Okay. Seriously can't wait for the 5th season of Skins. I bawled my eyes out in 4th. D:
But it's so good.
Naomi and Emily <3<3<3<3 so adorable.
Freddie ='(
I don't get the hype over Effy though. Really.

This is a boring entry. I'm bored in general atm..
Facebook is boring, Tumblr is boring. I'm even a little bored watching Neighbours right now, and that's saying something, cos I love that show haha..

The maccas I work at here is so quiet compared to the one back home, it's crazy..

Anyway i'm going to go.. do something, i don't know what, but something. Maybe i'll get off the comp and just watch tv..