Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love is in the air.. I hope..

I feel silly..

It's Valentine's day tomorrow.
Even though I believe the day to be a stupid huge media filled event to make us consumers spend money we don't have to show our love to our significant parnter.
Why have a day for tha? You should do that anyway..
And it just makes all the single people feel even more lonely..

I have new hair. It's red, but a dark almost purple colour. But it's really bright in the light. And I like it.
I've had a sniffly cold but it's not too bad. Just feel tired and can't breathe and can't stop sneezing, like oh my goodness.. lol I think it's going away though, I hope. lol.

So i'm sorta feeling incredibly lonely right about now..
And it's weird. I got so used to being together. Having him just down the road when he wasn't with me or at work..
Just talking to him would be nice. And I can't even do that..
I must stop checking my phone every 5 seconds..
So yeah..

Happy Valentine's Day.
I love you. And miss you so much.. <3