Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Get up outta the dirt!

I have a week off work :)

I found out how much money it would cost to get a removalist truck from here to Brisbane and it's alot.. =s
So I guess I won't be taking my furniture. lol
I just can't afford it.
But anyway.. :)

I am super keen to get my next tatt.
I just hope I love my others as much as I love my first one :)
I'm also considering getting my nose peirced..

I'm buying a new phone today. :) yayyyy!
You're probably wondering "how can she be buying all these things when she bitches all the time that she never has any money?!"
Haha well! I recently got a big payout from work, that's how! :)
But don't worry, I've already paid 2 weeks rent and the rest is going towards Brisbane.
I seriously can't wait til I move there :)
I'll miss Roey though.. :(
Living my sister has been okay, but I just can't keep doing it. She drives me crazy! Lol.

I've got to do some shopping. :)