Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Packing and Gossip Girl =D


Birthday was nice. =)

Present list included lots of sexy underwear, yummy alcohol, tea cups and a subsricption to Frankie!

I didn't get drunk, i only had like, 5 drinks. Haha

We went to the Casino and i won lots of monies on the pokies and everyone was jealous. Hehe

Then we went to a couple clubs then i got tired and my feet were hurting so we went home.

Where The Wild Things Are was a good movie, weird but good. =)

My friends were having breafast in the city at some insane hour in the morning the next day. But Adon and I were like, let's not. Haha so we stayed in bed and snuggled instead. =)

Then Adon, Roey, Heath and I went and saw Zombieland and that was rad. Haha Brainnsssss nom nom nom. =D

I'm in the middle of packing all my shit up yet again because i'm moving into my sisters house on sunday. I've got like three days and i've hardly packed anything. lol And i won't be able to get any done over the weekend because Adon and I are going to the city to see Parkway Drive! Then on Saturday we're getting our Tatts! =D So so so keen for that!

Okay, I found this and it's pretty much the coolest thing everr!

I should get back to packing, then sleep cos i gotta get up early in the morning to buy my bookshelf! Whoo! Lol.

So yeah, sleep time now.