Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hello life =)

Sup bitches?

I got my Tattoo!


I Absolutely love it!

I got it done today with Adon. =) He got three black and red nautical stars across his arms and it pretty much looks amazing. =) Not quite amazing as mine.. But still pretty rad. Hehe. <3

Parkway Drive concert last night was pretty fucking insane. xD I've got bruises everywhere! lol and a big bump on my head and my body just hurts all over. =( But it was still fun, we were soaking wet. Totally gross. Haha

Bitch time...

I'm sorry if my jealousy makes you angry.. I just find it so difficult to believe you sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I DO believe you.. It's just.. Some of the things you say to her.. I don't even know.. =( It feels like i'm in a competition or something.. That dream really really freaked me out last night hey.. I honestly just wanted to bawl my eyes out, I would have if you weren't there.. But you were and you just held me.

But, uhm, I'm sorry okay? And, I love you.


Okay, i'm going to go finish packing the last of my stuff. Move tomorrow. =)