Sunday, September 5, 2010

Colour Space

Oh hey guize. :D

Maize fest was on Friday night.
And while the parade itself, wasn't that great, I still had an awesome time.
Soni and I and we got our faces painted FOR FREE! :D And went on a swing ride and A BOUNCEY CASTLE!!! Was so much fun hahaha
Then fireworks. :) Then Ice-cream!

Then we decided to change our relationship status to 'in an open relaltionship' with each other, just for shits and giggles. :)

Tomorrow and Tuesday off! (Granted I don't get called in..) lol
Sleeeeeeeeeepppp in. :)

I miss you Roey!!!
"I just miss like hanging out with you on week nights.." - Juno :)

Next time I come down all of us have to go swimming at the beach. Good. Okay. :)

*Going to go watch The Breakfast Club now. xo